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We offer professional genealogy services. If you're looking for something to do with genealogy and you can't find it here, get in touch with us. Even if we can't help you, we'll probably know people who can.
Note: The Genbox FAQ used to be on this page. It's moved.

Getting started

Any genealogical research starts at home. We can help you start out with a series of hands-on workshops. We'll help you get started, unearthing documents, interviewing relatives and recording information.

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We can help you order, qualify and record your data in a structured way. We'll help you choose a genealogy programme and help you find your way around in it.

Data entry

Computers and genealogy are a match made in heaven. But entering all your information in a database can be incredibly time consuming—not to mention difficult. Or tedious.

data entry - loads of data

No matter how much information you've got or how it's organized, we can get it in the software of your choice. Contact us for a price quote. Our prices include setting up the database; data entry, scanning of photos and sources, and a free half-day session to start you off with the software.


We specialize in searches withing Belgium, the Netherlands and France. Contact us, detailing as much as possible what you're looking for (and what you've already got for us to start working with), and we'll provide you with an estimate of feasibility and costs involved.

not everything is as easy to read as this

Some searches can be vastly more difficult than others; we'll always keep you abreast of the research we're doing as we're doing it. You'll be able to access your personal research calendar, copies of all research documents, and any intermediary results via a password-protected internet address.


Get in touch with us for price quotes on ancestor or descendant reports, binders with individual reports, blank person or family sheets, ...

We can work with data from almost any genealogy software, or with data provided to us in paper form. Contact us for details.


Starting from a database or GEDCOM file you send us, or indeed from any other information, printed, digital or not, we can create almost any chart you want, from simple ancestor or descendant charts:

simple ancestor chart simple descendant chart

to the largest charts you can imagine:

very wide descendant chart

...to full-colour charts with images and source information:

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