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When we say content management we actually mean the management of content. Think of us as the webmaster you always wanted but could never find.

Technology is only a means to an end

Anyone can sell you a Content Management System (CMS), but to paraphrase the bumper sticker: it's not software that makes a good web site, it's people that make a good website. Or, if you prefer, it's content that makes a good website.


Is it really that important to you what tools you'll use to program your website?

Not really. You're going to need a game plan. Information architecture. Assign responsibilities. Set up procedures. Follow up. Coordinate. Analyze. Make reports. Draw up conclusions.

We'll help you build your website

We'll help you figure out what you want to achieve with the website and who it is for. We'll work out what functionality the site needs and what content. We'll organise the content and distill a structure for the website.

We'll create a design document for a graphic designer, or—if you prefer—we'll develop a graphic design ourselves.

We'll help you select a hardware platform (server(s) and hosting) and a software platform (application server, database, CMS). Again, if you prefer, we can handle that part of the project too: websites we've created from scratch include DeKust.org, portal site for the Flemish (Belgian) coast, the International Diabeters Federation website and many others.

Well, you actually do need technology...

In the end, someone's going to have to actually put text and images on the web. They're very probably going to use a CMS for that. You'll need to lay-out the text, you'll need to edit, crop, perhaps modify images, logos or diagrams.

You'll have to convert existing data (Excel, Powerpoint, Word, ...) to the web (XML, HTML, PDF, Flash, ...).

You may want to add some functionality to your website—perhaps you want to put some databases on-line, or maybe you want a discussion forum. That may simply mean some tweaking of the software but it might also involve additional programming or customization.

We will help you maintain your website

We'll be at your beck and call for all modifications or additions to the site. If you want to add an entire section or just want to change a telephone number: we'll take care of it for you.

But we don't stop there. We'll contactly monitor the site, analyze the log files and report back to you. We'll keep an eye on what's happening on the internet—no to mention with your competitors—and we'll make suggestions accordingly.

We'll hold regular meetings with all stakeholders and we'll hold all contributors to their deadlines.

We'll be your editor, graphic designer, copywriter and helpdesk all rolled into one.

In short: think of us as the webmaster you always wanted but could never find.

Let's talk

Contact us for more information or for a meeting.

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